Dear HHS: End Trans Healthcare Discrimination

Via National Center for Transgender Equality:

The US Department of Health and Human Services has proposed regulations that—if adopted—would prohibit most insurance plans, including Medicaid, from denying coverage for transition-related care and require health providers to treat people according to their gender identity.

The comment period is only open until Monday, November 9. So we have just a few days left to send HHS a clear message: healthcare discrimination against transgender people should never be allowed.

Dear HHS,

I strongly support the proposed rule’s protections for LGBT people in all federally supported health programs and activities. Discrimination in health coverage and care prevents many LGBT people from getting the care they need to stay healthy and causes stress that directly contributes to negative health outcomes for LGBT communities.

The rule’s protections for transgender people are particularly important. It is essential that the final rule clearly prohibit transgender exclusions in health insurance plans and ensure that patients are treated according to their gender identity in health care settings.

The proposed rule should be even stronger to better protect all people at risk of discrimination in health coverage or care, and in all federally funded health programs. The final rule should recognize that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is necessarily a form of sex discrimination, and it should not include any new exemption that would permit discrimination based on religious views against women, people with disabilities, LGBT people, or anyone else.

There is no excuse for discrimination in health care using federal funds.

Please: send your own message to HHS via the National Center for Transgender Equality.