Bad Bad Leroy Brown apparently still around—and driving a USPS truck

I was standing on southbound Craig Street, waiting for the light to change to cross Fifth Avenue, when USPS van 1520432 passed on my right, with about a foot and a half of clearance.¹  He seemed likely to pass right through the light until I called out something about there being a No Turn on Red sign.

The driver stuck his head out the window and asked what I’d said, so I repeated myself, at which he responded, ‘so?’

“So, you’re supposed to stop at the white line.”²

“When you get a license, you can tell me what to do.”

Though I was riding a bike, I in fact have a driver’s license, but that’s irrelevant….  I said the vehicle number was on the back of the truck and I would be reporting it, to which he said “Go right ahead.  Tell them my name is Leroy Brown.”

¹PA Vehicle Code § 3303(a)(3) requires that “The driver of a motor vehicle overtaking a [bike] proceeding in the same direction shall pass to the left…within not less than four feet….”

²§ 3112(3)(i) requires that “Vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal alone shall stop at a clearly marked stop line” if one exists, which it does at this intersection.