Letters to Congress: TIGER Edition

Via People for Bikes: The U.S. Senate is currently working on a proposal for TIGER grants, an important source of federal transportation funding for projects to build roads, transit, ports, and bicycle infrastructure. The House has proposed $100 million in funding for next year, far less than the $500 million that TIGER was funded at this year. Let your senators know that you support full funding of the program and the bicycle projects it helps make possible.

Dear Senator ________,

The Senate Appropriations Committee proposed $500 million in funding for U.S. DOT’s popular TIGER program in Fiscal Year 2016. As Congress continues to work on FY16 appropriations for the U.S. DOT, please support this funding level.

Surveys have shown 60% of Americans would ride a bike if they felt safer on the roads. In Pittsburgh, we’ve made great strides toward implementing safer cycling infrastructure, and we’ve seen results: the Census ACS survey has shown a gain of over 400% in commuting by bicycle in the last 15 years in Pittsburgh. But we’ve still got a long way to go, and we’ll need funding to get there.

The TIGER program helps states and communities build a broad range of innovative transportation solutions across the variety of modes, including improvements to ports, highways, rail, transit and bicycle infrastructure. The TIGER grant program and the broad set of project eligibilities are critical to allowing states and communities to secure funding for multimodal and multi-jurisdictional projects that are hard to fund through traditional U.S. DOT programs.

I hope you will weigh in with your colleagues in support of the final FY2016 THUD bill including the $500 million in funding for TIGER with a broad set of project eligibilities included in the Senate Appropriations Committee passed legislation.

Check out the links above and send your own message to your Senators.

And yes, it really is called the THUD Bill.