Interesting tidbit hidden at the end of an old interview with the CEO of Con-way Inc, published back in 2011 when the trucking & logistics firm moved their corporate HQ to Michigan: …What do you advocate in terms of boosting transportation infrastructure spending in Michigan and the rest of your network?

Stotlar: We’re supportive of highway infrastructure, bridge infrastructure just as a state of good repair. We want society to have good safe roads to operate on.

Obviously the poorer condition of the infrastructure, the more it costs us from a maintenance standpoint because it just beats our equipment up. The highways are our production line, so we need a good sound infrastructure to be able to support what we do on a daily basis. Do you support proposals to increase the gas tax to fund some of that infrastructure spending?

Stotlar: We’re right there with the rest of the industry, supportive of increased user fees primarily in the form of gas taxes or diesel taxes to do it, and we can’t get any political backing. Wouldn’t that hurt your margins though?

Stotlar: I’m assuming if it’s going up we know what that cost impact is and it’s going to get reflected in pricing. There’s no free lunch here.

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