City releases potholes-filled map, service request numbers

Wednesday, Pittsburgh’s Mayor’s Office released a map of potholes filled in this month’s blitz (PDF), and also a breakdown of snow/ice and pothole requests received in the first half of March, along with completion rates for both sets of requests, also, somewhat inexplicably, as a PDF.

I’m curious about the fact that Divisions 1 (North Side neighbourhoods) and 5 (West Hills, South neighbourhoods west of West Liberty) had substantially fewer pothole submissions than other parts of town—even including the much smaller Division 6 (Downtown/Strip), the three least-submitted districts combined had fewer pothole requests than any one of the top three. The press-release from the Mayor’s Office notes, and the Post-Gazette write-up repeats, that one district received one-third more requests than the others, but not why—It would be interesting to know if it’s because their streets are actually in better shape, or due to another factor–lower twitter or general-internet adoption leading to lower awareness of the campaign or ability to submit, or just cynicism that their complaints won’t be addressed so why bother, or something else….