On Cycling and Life: 3 Meditations

Some things worth reading, with thanks to ‏@emily_wk, who asked for “writing…that talks about cyclists as an oppressed class…. To wit: I wonder if a reason that it’s hard to get women to cycle more is because we already deal with oppression and don’t want to pile on?”; @wirehead2501, without whose responses I might well have missed the whole thread, as well as the links themselves; and the post authors.

@chrisamaphone: “on the bicycle as a vehicle to understand marginalization

“if you’re able-bodied enough to ride a bike and otherwise have trouble understanding, from a visceral perspective, the terminology of feminist and antioppression discourse, i have a concrete recommendation: ride a bicycle as your primary means of transportation in a city where this is not the norm.”

@agentfin: “The UX of Community in Contested Space

“…One of these days it’s going to be too much. I won’t be quick enough. I’ll finally get hit hard enough that I don’t get back up again.

Am I talking about the cars… or that next guy who tells me to “just be patient” when I try to explain why this is so damned hard, then squeezes my shoulder with a friendly leer?”

@eassumption: “Today’s important safety message

“…just as conventional rape prevention advice perpetuates rape culture, the emphasis on [traffic-safety tips for] cyclists perpetuates a culture where hit-and-run accidents are common and law enforcement (at least against white drivers who break the law) is rare.”

(Post title borrowed from the Reddit link to @chrisamaphone’s post, which called it “a meditation on the many parallels between being a cyclist in a car-dominated world and being a woman in a man-dominated world.”)